Love Kämp

Love Kämp now with a price of 285 € / couple

Enjoy your 24 hours just between the two of you in a romantic Deluxe-room of Hotel Kämp.

In Deluxe-room you can spend the whole time if you want, because room breakfast is included to Love Kämp price. At the point of time that suits you, we will flow a gentle rose nib leaf- or bubble bath and offer some champagne.

Love Kämp 285 € / 2 persons includes:

  • Accommodation for 2 in Deluxe-room of Hotel Kämp
  • Rose nib leaf- or bubble bath flown ready for you (by 22 o'clock)
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Room breakfast served at the point of time you wish

Sensible Brasserie Kämp treat lovers with Love Kämp Menu, which crowns the romantic evening. When you book your table reservation along with your room, we offer glasses of sparkling wine in honor of your relationship.

Love Kämp gift card

When was the last time you have given a gift, that really took a breath away? Specially business gift, for a person who barely lacks anything else but time. That is exactly where Love Kämp is at its best: common time for two.

It suits to be enjoyed for celebration of an anniversary, symbol of a new beginning or just for pure joy of life. We have packed popular Love Kämp as a gift card, which is an excellent anniversary or birthday present, but also absolutely different business gift, whose receiver may surprise his/her own loved one.

LoveKämp-package includes two person Deluxe-room in the most romantic hotel of Helsinki. We flow a gentle rose nib leaf bath and offer a bottle of champagne at point of time wanted. Package includes a room breakfast and it may be easily connected with atmospheric dinner at Brasserie Kämp.

LoveKämp Deluxe-gift card only 285 €/couple!

Book a gift that makes an impression,

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