General Delivery Terms of Kämp Group Restaurants as of 1 January 2014
1. Prices
All prices are in euros and include VAT.

2. Setup Charge
All facilities are subject to a charge, unless mentioned otherwise in the offer. Meeting and group work facilities are charged separate rent specific to the premises. Changes in furniture, extra furniture and other arrangements are charged separately. Audio and audio-visual services and devices which are not part of the basic fixtures of the restaurant/meeting facility will be charged separately. If, on request of the orderer, the supplier of the served goods acquires special permits such as an extended license to dispense alcohol or a notification on temporary catering, or undertakes special arrangements such as acquiring a show, band, decorations and structures, etc., the orderer shall be liable for all costs incurred by these actions.

3. Methods and terms of payment
Unless different payment terms have been agreed on, the orderer will pay cash or by credit/debit card. If the orderer is an invoicing customer of Kämp Group a combined invoice can be made for the event, which will be charged later. In this case, the invoicing charge in use at Kämp Group at the time will be added to the invoice (€17.00 on 1 January 2014) If the invoice for the event is divided on the customer’s request, the invoicing charge will be added to each separate invoice (€17,00). If Kämp Group so wishes, it may charge the customer for part of the invoice in advance. Such arrangements are agreed on case-specifically. Payment terms are net seven days, and penalty interest is regulated by the Interest Act

4. Orderer’s responsibility
The orderer is responsible for protecting the rented facilities or fixtures from damage. The orderer shall be responsible for all damage caused to the premises or its movables by the devices, personnel, performers or event attendees of the orderer. The orderer is responsible for all equipment and movables s/he has brought to the premises. The orderer agrees to follow the instructions given by the staff of the location in matters concerning the usage of the house, furniture and devices. In the case of an accident, Kämp Group shall charge the orderer for all repairs and cleaning costs, etc.

5. Assigning the contract
The customer shall not have the right to assign the contract or sign over the rented facilities to a third party without the consent of the operational centre.

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